1Win Malaysia Aviator: Multiply Your Bet by 1,000 and More!

1Win offers plenty of easy-winning games – one of them is Aviator. Explore the gameplay and features of the game. Sign up, claim a 500% casino bonus up to 15,200 RM, and enjoy fast wins and high payouts in 1Win Aviator!

High Payouts with 1Win Aviator in Malaysia

About Aviator Casino Game

Aviator is a crash game by the Sbribe software provider where you place bets and watch the virtual aircraft rise high in the sky – the higher it goes, the larger the winning odds. The player’s task is to cash their winnings out before the plane falls. In a game, you can win up to 1,000,000x jackpot. 

About the Aviator on 1Win
GenreCrash game
Release DateFebruary 2019
Min/Max Bet0,50 MYR/470,29 MYR
PlatformWindows, macOS, Android, iOS

Aviator Casino Game Top Features

1win Aviator game, an easy and famous title, attracts game enthusiasts with unique features:

  1. Demo version. Engage in a risk-free trial by playing in demo mode without depositing real money.
  2. Live communication. Enjoy a live chat, fostering socialization among gamblers during gameplay.
  3. Mobile and desktop compatibility. Aviator, being resource-efficient, runs smoothly on any device, avoiding lags.
  4. Generous betting limits. 1Win Aviator offers a broad bet range, catering to both high rollers and cautious gamblers.
  5. Statistics. Access live statistics for detailed insights into recent bets, enhancing the gaming experience.
  6. Truly random gaming. Ensure fairness with the Provably Fair algorithm, verifying game round outcomes.
1Win Key Elements and Highlights Aviator Game

Aviator Game Algorithm

The game is based on the PRofably Fair technology provided by Sbribe. Ensuring fairness, the game offers equal chances for all customers. To generate outcomes, the Provably Fair algorithm creates a unique hash (a set of alphanumeric symbols). You can copy it to check the results of every round manually.

Decoding the Algorithm in Aviator on 1Win

How to Start Playing

Unlock Aviator on 1Win with these simple steps:

  1. Create an account. Open the official 1Win site from any device and go to the registration section.
  2. Complete the identity verification. For this, submit a photo of your document.
  3. Top up the profile. Top up your balance with a minimum deposit of 30 MYR.
  4. Launch Aviator. For that, click on the game logo at the casino’s header.
  5. Try the demo mode. Test Aviator in demo mode for free to understand its mechanics.
  6. Wait for a new round to start. When opting for real-money play, await 5 seconds of the upcoming round.
  7. Set the bet. Specify your bet amount and click “Bet” to engage in the game.
  8. Withdraw when it is time. Anticipate the aircraft’s crash moment and cash-out before it occurs.

Aviator is an RNG-based game requiring no special skills for immediate real-money play.

Your Guide to Starting Aviator Play on 1Win

Welcome Bonus for Aviator Players

Newly registered players are eligible to receive a welcome bonus. The casino bonus is a total promotion of 500%, split into the first 4 deposits:

  • 200% of the amount of the 1st deposit;
  • 150% of the amount of the 2nd deposit;
  • 100% of the amount of the 3rd deposit;
  • 50% of the amount of the 4th deposit.

To qualify for bonuses, the minimum deposit required is 30 MYR.

Exclusive Welcome Bonuses for Aviator Players on 1Win

Aviator Gameplay

In Aviator, you can place bets on how high the virtual plane will go. The multiplier grows as the plane ascends, starting at 1x and potentially reaching 1,000,000x. Your challenge is to cash out your wager before the plane flies away randomly.

1Win Bet Aviator offers a player 5-second breaks between rounds for placing bets. The game includes live chat and useful options like Auto-Play and Auto-Cashout.

A Guide to Aviator Gameplay on 1Win

Demo Mode

Using demo mode, you can engage in gameplay without risking real money. This feature allows you to familiarize yourself with the game rules and mechanics in a risk-free environment before making any deposits. Aviator’s demo mode is an excellent opportunity for users to hone their skills, gain confidence, and explore the intricacies of the game before placing a bet. Take advantage of this learning experience to enhance your understanding and strategy.

Auto Mode

To make gameplay easier, you can utilize auto modes. Auto-Play enables presetting a wager, automatically accepted for each subsequent round – ideal for cautious players or budget-conscious individuals. Auto-Cashout allows setting a specific multiplier for automatic withdrawal, streamlining the process and is suitable for low, medium, or high-risk strategies.

How to Win at Aviator

Despite 1Win Aviator being a random game, there are several strategies used by experienced players.

Winning Strategies at Aviator on 1Win
  1. Low-Risk Method: Consistent wins are ensured by cashing out at the minimum multiplier of 1.1x.Ideal for Aviator newcomers, the strategy offers a chance to adapt to gameplay intricacies. Although this strategy yields moderate profits, it’s a safer, steady approach. Over time, it proves handy for building a bankroll without substantial risk.
  2. Average-Risk Method: Patiently wait for the flying aircraft to hit x2 or x3 for potentially bigger profits. This approach involves a higher risk of losing bets, with a 40% rate of profitable rounds. Balancing risk and reward is suitable for players seeking more substantial returns.
  3. High-Risk Method: This method is tailored for high-rollers chasing substantial wins – cash out at x10 or higher. While offering the potential for significant cash prizes, the risk of loss is notably high. This strategy demands a bold approach suitable for those willing to take calculated risks.
  4. Two Bets Method: The game allows you to place two bets at once – so use it. Place two equal bets. Then, cash out the first one when the winning amount covers the sum of the second bet. It ensures that you won’t lose money. After that, simply track the second bet and try to cash out at the maximum possible coefficient. This approach is risk-free. 

Remember, no strategy can guarantee immunity from a losing streak in 1Win Aviator. In such instances, a responsible pause is advisable. Always adhere strictly to Responsible Gambling rules while enjoying the Aviator game.